Camp Victory Texas Inc. owes each successful camp year to innumerable supporters.  First, we thank the volunteers!!!  Without volunteers, there could be no Camp.

Then we thank the many, many individuals who generously give each year to this cause among the many worthy charities in need.

Special note that in 2005, Shawn Machie, then a student at Art Institute Houston (AIH), won a class project competition to design our logo. This logo embodies our belief that despite a history of sexual abuse, with love, protection and some focused help, it is more than possible to develop a vibrant and happy young person.  Shawn is now a graphic designer and web developer who may be contacted at or via

Other wonderful people at organizations and businesses have reached out to us to support us in areas of need:

Many notable businesses are also generous in supporting fundraising events with special skills and in-kind donations.  Please support:

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GFGH - Texas Green Logo